Dispute Resolution & Mediation

At The Byrne Practice, we understand that although you hate to be involved in a dispute, sometimes it’s unavoidable. But the cost, disruption and time taken to resolve it can be reduced with our help. When a dispute does arise, we know how important it is to you to get straightforward, no nonsense advice in order to minimise the impact of the dispute and its resolution on your business.

Whether your dispute relates to a business or commercial relationship, property or construction matter, we can help. Our friendly, professional team has vast experience in dealing with a wide range of disputes from breach of contract to bickering employees.

We are experts in landlord and tenant issues, director and shareholder disputes, negligence, construction and property disputes.

We also have a specialist accredited mediator who deals with workplace disputes. Mediation provides an effective alternative to Court in which our mediator, as an impartial third party, assists the parties to resolve their dispute.

With our years of experience of all types of dispute resolution, including arbitration, adjudication, expert determination and mediation, you can be sure that we will use the resolution method that’s right for you and your circumstances. These methods are  private and confidential, flexible, speedy and cost effective when compared to more traditional methods of dispute resolution. However, if court proceedings are unavoidable, we have the expertise to get the best possible outcome for you.

For more information or to discuss your needs please contact Rachel Piper, Annabelle Foster or Crystal Smith on 01302 711211 at rachel.piper@tbplaw.co.uk; annabelle.foster@tbplaw.co.uk; crystal.smith@tbplaw.co.uk  or via the Contact Us page