Wills and Probate

In addition to the preparation of straightforward wills our Private Client team specialises in protecting the assets and wealth of individuals through the creation and management of trusts, inheritance and capital gains tax planning and by the preparation of tax efficient wills.

Many business owners also worry about how best to transfer their assets to children and other family members when the time comes to pass on the reins. We can help. There are plenty of options to make sure your wealth and future is protected.


We provide specialist Wills and Trusts as required. Our bespoke service ensures your will is tailored to your circumstances. We can draft your will for an agreed fixed fee so you know where you stand from the outset. There are no hidden charges.

Single will – £125.00 plus VAT

Mirror wills for a couple – £175.00 plus VAT

Lasting Powers of Attorney

You never know what’s around the corner, so it’s increasingly important for all of us, not just the elderly, to consider appointing someone to look after your affairs if you become unable to do so. LPAs can cover your property and financial affairs, as well as health and personal welfare. We offer fixed fees for preparing your documents.

Estate Management

We can assist with all aspects of the administration of any estate. We have particular expertise in dealing with:

  • Large value and complex estates
  • Estates consisting of foreign assets
  • Estate Administration disputes
  • Post death implementation of existing Inheritance Tax arrangements
  • Post death variation of Wills and Intestacies to substantially reduce tax liability
  • Intestate Estates


In addition to our ability to use trusts to mitigate Inheritance Tax, our team can also advise upon and implement trust arrangements to:

  • Preserve assets when residential care is needed
  • Protect the assets of disabled individuals
  • Protect awards of personal injury damages and prevent the loss of means-tested state benefits

For more information or to discuss your needs please contact Richard Byrne on 01302 711211 at  richard.byrne@tbplaw.co.uk or via the Contact Us page.