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How we helped Ms T

Ms T first became a client of ours in October 2017. She had asked us to look into several of her lenders as she believed she had PPI on multiple accounts but no longer held any paperwork to check.

We wrote to Creation, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, M&S Bank, Capital One, Clydesdale Bank, Blackhorse, Lloyds, Nationwide, First National and Santander to ask them to provide details of all accounts Ms T had with them and to confirm whether or not a PPI policy was ever attached to the account.

We received confirmation of PPI policies with account numbers and account start dates for Creation, Royal Bank of Scotland, M&S Bank, Capital One and Santander. With this information we then contacted Ms T to go through the Financial Ombudsman Services PPI mis-selling questionnaire for each of the accounts that we had evidence of PPI.

We then used the questionnaires as the basis for each of our complaints, this includes looking at Ms T’s circumstances and the features of the policy to see whether the policy was suitable for her. Having considered the costs of the policy and the fact that it was likely to be of limited benefit to her given her particular circumstances, we did not think the Payment Protection Policy was suitable for Ms T.

Our complaint letters told the lenders to put Ms T back in the position she would have been if she had not taken out the PPI policy and eight weeks after the submission of our complaints, we received final decisions from each of Ms T’s lenders. From start to finish the process took six months and Ms T received over £14,600 in compensation.