Have you been mis-sold your IVA?

If any of the following apply to you please contact us immediately to see how we can help:

Told that the IVA would write off a percentage of your debt

Told that the IVA was your only option

Your Income and Expenditure was manipulated

You were told it was a Government backed scheme

The IVA fees and IVA fee structure were not explained to you

Told to max out your credit cards before the IVA started

The IVA trust and windfall clause were not explained to you

To learn more, also visit our new website MIS-SOLD IVA

Why choose The Byrne Practice

  • We offer a personalised service – the same team will deal with your case from start to finish
  • We specialise in financial mis-selling claims
  • Our team has several years’ worth of experience dealing with both banks and IVA’s
  • We are clear and upfront about our costs – no surprise bills!
  • We act as the middle man between yourself, your IVA and your creditors so you don’t have to deal with them and you will no longer receive threatening letters or calls.
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